Barnabas Wilhelm

Barnabas Wilhelm – Regisseur – Peoplegrapher

Barnabas Wilhelm is an Austrian-born director and photographer known for his fresh approach to storytelling and distinct cinematic visual language.

Already in his early childhood the passion for filmmaking and storytelling was ignited, creating short stop motion films with his brother. In his teens he then collected a few local film awards, before he honed his craft further by studying at the prestigious Drama Centre London, where he directed his fellow student colleagues, such as Emilia Clarke(Game of Thrones) and Alexander Dreymon (Last Kingdom). He then gained further professional experience assisting world renown directors such as Ridley Scott, Alejandro Gonzales Iñáritu and Jake Nava just to mention a few, all the while continuing to make his own short films and being selected by Wallpaper magazine as rising Talent back in 2011.

Now, with a few more years of experience under his belt, Barnabas directs global commercials and fashion films that are authentic, intriguing and captivating. Besides directing, he has also Creative Directed various of his global HP commercials. Barnabas is chatty and enthusiastic about pretty much everything and he brings a real energy to each project, always striving for in-depth emotional truth, brilliant performances and creating a distinct visual language that has a cinematic touch.